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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we started running, too. we are following the latebreaking news in spain, secondhere has been a suspected terrorist incident about 75 mile south of the incident in barcelona. the police say they shot and killed five terrorists. alison: that situation in spain is now under control. investigators believe the same van-cell is behind several ramming attacks in a house explosion. jonathan: the day list killed 13 and injured dozens. that happened in a popular spot for tourists. this afternoon, a van barrel down the plaza commit side torea, swerving side, mowing down anyone in his path. lindsey mastis has more on the search for those behind the wheel. lindsey: desp
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arrests, the police have yet to catch the driver. spain's prime minister said the attack was terrorism. senior officials say the attacker is intended to kill as many people as possible. 15 people are in critical condition, fighting for their lives tonight. two men are in custody, but the hunt for the driver continues. >> there was screaming and everybody started to run. old people were trampled as they ran past. >> he was traveling at high speeds. there were people flying into the air. antennae, word that an american man is missing after the barcelona attack. have connected this attack with a house explosion in a different part of spain last night, collapsing part of a building and killing one person. condolences pouring in
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victims in barcelona, the eiffel tower shutting off all of its lights in solidarity. stay up to date with breaking news spain by signing up for text alerts at alison: president trump responding to the terror in barcelona with a tweet. it turns out the tweet was about a rumor that has been debunked. this is happening as a leader and his own party is questioning his competency. of iconic pair magazine show off their covers, raising eyebrows. we start with anna-lysa gayle live at the white house with the very latest. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: criticism continues to pour in from both republicans and democrats as they analyze the president's words carefully. the commander in chief's latest tweet is the latest to be dissected. president donald trump says "study what general
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there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 years." >> took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets and pigs blood. anna-lysa: historians say there is no evidence to support the story. sent the tweet after condemning the terror attack in barcelona. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the ability to instill the confidence that he needs to demonstrate. he also recently has not demonstrated he understands this nation. anna-lysa: politicians on both sides have question the president's competency since his latest comments during the deadly events in charlottesville. >> i think there is blame on both sides. anna-lysa: in the wake of those comets, these controversial
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he is ending plans for an infrastructure council after also ending two other businesslike and related councils that lost members after his comments on charlottesville. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: anna-lysa, thank you. amid the fallout, both the cleveland clinic and the american cancer society scrapping plans for fundraisers and president trump's mar-a-lago a state in florida. this will be the first time in eight years the cleveland clinic will not hold their event there. the clinic is not saying why. the american cancer society cited a variety of factors, including costs. jonathan: breaking news from southeast washington, where 295 is closed to the maryland state line. the police say that somebody jumped off a bridge at an intersection. there is no word on when 295 will reopen, but stay with abc 7 and for
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come in. steve: the first forecast from stormwatch 7 this thursday evening, the temperature still very warm, 81 degrees at reagan national. feels like temperatures 5, 6 degrees hotter. showers and thunderstorms out there. front royal, the showers fizzling out. no immediate impact on the metro, but tomorrow another hot tonight andfog into tomorrow morning. hot and humid tomorrow afternoon, highs near 90 degrees. i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms. the timing of that coming up. jonathan: thanks, steve. quite a scene at dulles airport, a robot rolling up to that van, trying to figure out what's going on inside. the bomb robot had to check the suspicious van parked on the departure roadway. a short time later, the all clear was given and no flights were impacted, but there was a short evacuation. alison: an
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after a tragedy in northeast. girl, a future college student, killed by a stray bullet while driving. stephen tschida is live in northeast. loved ones said she would have been such a star. stephen: yeah, a very determined young woman. she was shot as she drove through this intersection behind me. it was here that hundreds of people gather tonight to remember her. >> that was my baby. >> that's right. >> and i was not mad until i came over here where y'all killed her. stephen: broken hearts for a shattered dream and lost life. >> she was a good girl. she was perfect. the 17-year-old just out of high school preparing for college. a bullet pierced her skull when she drove into a shootout. >>he
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family and friends gathered to remember a teenager full of optimism, determination, and promise. >> she had a vibrant, lively personality. stephen: agree it for their loss and mourned the violence that continues to cause so much pain. >> somebody shot my baby in her head and snatched the breath out of her. stephen: the police have made one arrest but are still looking for more suspects. from was a police crew pennsylvania here tonight as well. her organs were donated and the police officers wanted to thank organsce one of her saved a colleague. verdict: a not guilty in the high-profile murder of a transgendered woman in d.c. five years ago. the case had a lasting impact on the transgender community. parker-joan stabbed in the head at a bus
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the 60-year-old man charged with the stabbing was found not guilty this week. following the stabbing, then-mayor vincent gray signed a bill that allows transgender people to change their first certificates to reflect their gender. their: a d.c. family says iphone blew up on their bed. there baby was next to it. jonathan: a cautionary tale for everyone, telling what happened to them. tom roussey is live in southeast with this story. tom? tom: there have been reports in the news before about phones but reportswing up, of iphones blowing up have been relatively rare, but that is exactly what this couple says happened in the apartment behind me. >> all i heard was a boom. tom: there was a mark on the bed and burn marks on their arms and legs, thanks to when this iphone 6 plus suddenly blew up. it h
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three-month-old daughter were lying near the phone, which they say was not charging and had not been used for a while. >> we were just talking and something went pow. i said, ah! i looked and the phone was on fire. >> there was smoke everywhere. it was burning. tom: the phone belongs to his brother. >> he picked it up and ran out with the phone and threw it into the hallway. i called the fire department. tom: d.c. fire and ems at the fire was out when they arrive. the couple is grateful their three-month-old baby was not hurt. >> the could have been way, way worse. it could've been in my face, anything. my daughter could have been right there. you know what i'm saying? that doesn't make any sense. tom: apple just called me back about 20 minutes ago. they say they take this kind of thing very seriously and promise they will look io
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this afternoon. live tonight in southeast d.c., tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. goorrow you will be able to to the national harbor for the newest attraction, the harbor dome summer snow globe. c.,has been pretty hot in d.d. but there will be snow falling around you with live music and drinks. it runs through the third of september. jonathan: it is one of the few times we all get excited about a very bad smell. i'm not talking bad, i'm talking foul. ee corpse flowers are ready to bloom at the u.s. botanical garden. they are beautiful flowers. they could open as soon as sometime tonight and when they do they will release the signature rotten scent. if
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rebut a breath mint, you will not be up to smell it. ahead, sentencing for the woman who try to poison her coworker's coffee. jonathan: the confederate monument controversy goes on, but should schools follow suit and ditch confederate names? alison: and new details after two d.c. police officers sustained
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jonathan: new tonight, dozens of shots fired at police officers in southeast. they were in in uniform in an unmarked car. as they sped away, a car followed the officers in the passenger continued firing at them. the officer's car was hit. nobody was hurt but arrests have been made. alison: a search for the man who the police say dragged a woman into the woods in rested and tried to sexually assault her. this is a sketch of the man. the police say this resembles the man who attacked the woman monday. if he looks fami
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if you have any information, call the police right away. jonathan: and new surveillance video to share that shows two guys who they believe may have spray-painted graffiti on a confederate statue in leesburg. officers released this video and hope that someday may have seen something. they say the vandalism happened early this morning on the courthouse grounds. they want to know who these guys are. if you have any information, give the police a call. happening across the country, confederate monuments protested, covered, even taken down. less that we told you about governor mcauliffe's call to remove all confederate monuments in virginia. some are calling for schools to follow suit. they have called for a school in springfield, robert e. lee high school, to be renamed. >> that does not represent what fairfax county schools teaches us and not what we learn as a student body
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teaches us. we learn a lot about acceptance, inclusion, and accepting diversity. jonathan: in prince william county, a similar debate. the chairman of the school board wants to see stonewall jackson high school be renamed. he says he knows it is an expensive undertaking and would like to raise private funds to pay for the renaming. alison: a montgomery county man is facing decades in prison for trying to combat a licensed the station by setting his home on fire. the police say that he rented a home in rockville. when chemicals and powder did not work, to kill the bugs he poured gasoline and told his wife he would let the house burn a bit. the police said that he was drunk. they arrived before he let the match full stop he is charged with attempted arson. a woman who poisoned her coworkers by spiking their coffee maker with soap and window cleer
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years in prison. she admitted to poison a coworkers. she said she was front to make her boss sick. multiple people got sick but i fell recovered. a a small town home team getting a big shout out. urmont's little league team just one game away from the little league world series. even though they lost that crucial game, they still feel like winners. >> it burns a little bit we were that close, but it's still pretty awesome. >> a lot of people have been saying, hey, nice job being on tv. jonathan: it is very awesome and you should be very proud of yourselves. team is the talk of the town and a parade and party were held tonight in their honor. congrats, guys. alison: also the talk of the town, a busy few days as we count down to the solar eclipse monday. we will be tracking the total eclipse as it makes its way across the u.s. with a special report starting monday at 12:30.
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station, news channel 8 or streaming on our website, steve: and the weather will cooperate. the beach forecast, heading out bright and early tomorrow, no problems. however, later in the day, showers and thunderstorms for the delmarva, lower 80's. saturday looking great, 85 degrees. staying in the middle 80's sunday, a chance of passing showers. it is warm and humid right now. if you are planning on opening up the windows two but the fresh it, keep the ac on. the feels like temperatures, 87 degrees downtown. doppler radar, not a lot going on around the immediate metro. the showers that we had just off to the west of us, front royal, fizzling out. those were thunderstorms earlier this evening. within the last hour, all the lightning has dissipated, so fantasti
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just a few scattered showers, not amounting to a whole lot more overnight. tomorrow morning will be warm and humid. dress comfortably and grab a bottle of water before heading out the door. middle 70's, but not staying there long. futurecast through the afternoon, noon time, it is dry around the capital beltway. montgomery county into frederick the tour's the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms begin to blossom. some of the storms may contain gusty wind and heavier downpours. i wouldn't be surprised if we see if you thunderstorm warnings around the dmv. stay with us on abc 7 and we will get you through it all. highs tomorrow about 90 degrees, feels like closer to 100. i think 105 may overdo it a little bit. but it is all the same, it is hot. the 10 day outlook, 88 degrees
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highs around 90, a mixture of sun and clouds. should be good viewing. showers and storms arrive tuesday and wednesday, upper 80's, near 90 degrees. monday is all that counts in the 10 day outlook and it looks good. jonathan: every time i hear the word eclipse, i think of the song, "total eclipse of the heart." to abcan idol" is coming 7. hundreds of thousands have auditioned nationwide come and tonight was all about the talent in portland, oregon. auditions are coming to annapolis september 5. mark your calendar. record have to do is yourself singing the "good morning washington" theme song. check out our website for the lyrics. >> ♪ good morning washington i think that is it. jonathan: you just have to
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with a little more feeling. i did not know that you knew the words. alison: well, it is pretty simple. we have to look up the next lyrics. still to come, a unique project going on at the home of the vice president.
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jonathan: some new buzz at the vice president's residents. are 20,000 bees at this d.c. home and the hope is someday there will be 80,000. national honey bee day is coming up saturday. jonathan: you can get wonderful honey from that. kevin durant, this was awesome. erin: really awesome, a homecoming to remember. plus, the ravens defense really came to play, bu
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: we begin with the game that use all right here on abc 7, the baltimore ravens at the miami dolphins. it was pretty obvious that the ravens backups were much better than the dolphins. the ravens were trailing late in the
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third and goal from the one, drops back, the fake, larry don allen in the end zone, touchdown. the ravens take the lead and win 31-7. even though the redskins are busy packing for the packers, that did not stop josh norman from spending time with the kids at the boys and girls club of falls church. he handed out free a devious -- adidas gear. and kevin durant was back home today in seat pleasant. k.d. drove around in a silver corvette, paraded through seat pleasant in front of a huge crowd of all ages who just wanted to support the nba star. kevin'sthe real m.v.p., mom, wanda. >>
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to see yet come to this point in his career is quite overwhelming, fulfilling, exciting. it's great to celebrate at home where it all started. erin: and the nationals are in san diego right now.
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jonathan: i cannot get erin hawksworth to stop singing "total eclipse of the heart." alison: "american idol" wound. steve: the 10 day outlook, tomorrow, 90 degrees, better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow for the rush-hour commute home. beachgoers leaving tomorrow evening, take it slow. saturday and sunday, upper 80's. the eclipse monday, around 90 degrees. jonathan:
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alison: have a good night. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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